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PENNCOAT™ 340 Lining

40 mil Flake Filled Vinyl Ester Lining

PENNCOAT 340 Lining is a 45 – 50 mil WFT (Wet Film Thickness) lining system based on premium grade novolac vinyl ester resin polymer chemistry. It utilizes a peroxide based curative for maximum chemical resistance, as well as flake fillers for reduced permeation. It is specifically formulated to be applied by spray in two coats of 22 – 25 mils WFT per coat for a total lining thickness of 36 – 40 mils DFT (Dry Film Thickness). Consult Corrosion Engineering specification CES-259 for complete installation details.


PENNCOAT 340 Lining can be used as a concrete lining within its chemical limits for foot and light fork truck service, and chemical splash and spillage. For interior and exterior applications. Ideal as a secondary containment lining.

Immersion service as a tank lining within chemical and thermal limitations

PENNCOAT 340 is suitable as an internal lining to protect ductwork, stacks, and associated air pollution control and flue gas conveying equipment from corrosive acids and fumes.

Note: PENNCOAT 340 is designed for thick build applications using industrial by spray equipment - either airless spray or plural component equipment. Although it may be applied by roller or brush, the surface finish will be rippled, To achieve a smooth finish by brush or roller, consult Corrosion Engineering product data sheet CE-259 - PENNCOAT 331/331MR Lining.


• PENNCOAT 340 is ideal for heavy WFT film build-up in a single pass when using industrial spray equipment. Ability to be applied in a thick build in a single pass results in reduced labor costs for a heavy film build lining.
• PENNCOAT 340 is flake filled, resulting in significantly improved permeation ratings compared to non flake filled systems.
• Excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, oxidizers and solvents.

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