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A new look label as well as a new lid closure system will begin rolling out July 1, 2021 for our Pennguard Urethane Asphalt Hardener Part B as well as other hardener packaging. There are a few distinct benefits to point out:

1. Quantity of cans per carton has changed from 20 to 12.
2. Limited quantity stickers have been added to the box per Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations.

1. A new look label addressing our branding and compliance requirements.
2. Label and printing inks have been enhanced to comply with strict durability guidelines.

1. A new pull tab style lid offers the same material protection from spills or contamination.
2. The pull tab is safely and easily removed without having to strike the metal lid closure with a screwdriver and hammer.

The new can was approved through a rigorous ageing test. The can and contents were exposed to temperature extremes as well as impact testing on the spout and body of the can to be certain of their durability.

PENNGUARD™ Block Lining System 
Bulletin Number:
Date: July 1, 2021 
Distribution: Internal/External