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PACMASTIC™ 325 Membrane

High Temperature Asphalt Membrane

PACMASTIC 325 Membrane is a specially blended asphalt cutback coating reinforced with inorganic mineral fillers. It cures to form a rugged, virtually impermeable, and wellbonded coating that protects concrete and steel substrates from chemical corrosive attack. Consult Corrosion Engineering specification CES-345 for complete installation specifications.


• PACMASTIC 325 Membrane is used as an economical coating by itself on steel flues, ducts and breechings or other air pollution control equipment. PACMASTIC 325 may be used in the following applications:
• Install as a membrane under acid-resistant brick, refractories, polymer concretes and gunites. PACMASTIC 325 Membrane has been used in vessel linings under acid brick in 93 – 98% strong sulfuric acid service. 
• Apply over concrete in industrial and municipal liquid waste containment environments as a primary corrosion barrier.
• Use as a corrosion barrier in sewage systems, tanks, sumps, and sulfur pits under gunite or brick linings.
• Suitable for concrete or steel substrates.


• Economical and easy to apply as a single component coating by airless spray or by trowel.
• Chemically resistant to acids including sulfuric, hydrochloric and phosphoric as well as alkaline and salt solutions. Consult Corrosion Engineering for specific chemical resistance.
• Remains stable through a wide temperature range -60°F – 325°F   (-51C – 163C).
• Excellent abrasion and water vapor resistance.

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