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CORLOK™ B Mortar

Potassium Silicate Brick Mortar

CORLOK B Mortar is a two component halogen-free, chemically hardening inorganic potassium silicate brick mortar. It conforms to ASTM C-466. It is not formulated with sodium, calcium or fluoride-based products. It is not resistant to significant concentrations of acid fluorides or to hydrofluoric acid.


CORLOK B Mortar has a 45 year record of successful performance, with over 40,000,000 lbs having been used in the construction of acid-resistant brick linings in industrial chimneys, sulfuric acid plant equipment, tanks, and vessels where strong oxidizing acids, including nitric, chromic and sulfuric, are found. CORLOK B is a cost effective potassium silicate mortar, and is well suited for constructing acid brick liners of chimneys serving thermal power generating plants where high sulfur fossil fuels and/or wet flue gas desulfurization systems are utilized. It has an extensive track record in the construction of brick lined vessels in the sulfuric acid industry


• Two component - possesses excellent handling and workability characteristics.
• Non-corrosive to metals. Will not corrode or pit lead, carbon steel, stainless steel or chrome-nickel alloys with which it may be in contact.  • Free from fluoride-based hardeners. This eliminates the release of HF (hydrofluoric acid) from the mortar either during curing or when the equipment is placed into operation. CORLOK B Mortar is also freed of sodium and calcium. This eliminates possible deterioration of the mortar due to sulfation hydration reactions
• Resistant to sulfuric acid at all concentrations.
• No acid washing to the exposed surface of the mortar joints is required following installation of the brick lining to develop mortar strength.
• High bond strength - renders tight brickwork which is less susceptible to leakage.

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