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Chemical Resistant Flooring

Withstand harsh environments, resist chemical exposure, achieve advanced protection

To ensure you have the best protection, let ErgonArmor be your guide in the selection process. Our combined years of experience will lead you to the best possible solution for your chemical-resistant flooring requirements.

Our product range includes:

  • Chemical-resistant coatings
  • Chemical- and thermal shock-resistant seamless flooring
  • Chemical-resistant broadcast, slurry-broadcast and trowel applied resinous flooring
  • Heavy duty chemical-, thermal shock-, and impact-resistant acid resistant brick and tile flooring
  • TUFCHEM™ Tiling System flooring for hygienic process environments exposed to frequent sanitizing
  • Silica-free broadcast, laminate, brick, and tile systems for floors exposed to hydrofluoric acid (HF) and hot caustic soda (NaOH)

ErgonArmor’s range of chemical-resistant flooring options provide excellent solutions for the various chemical exposures found in manufacturing and chemical production facilities, laboratories, chemical blending plants and water/wastewater facilities.