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ErgonArmor commercial roofing primers come with a variety of features that include asphalt-based, non-asphalt based, low VOC, fast dry, sticky and even aerosol versions. Our primers address preparing substrates for optimized bond of the subsequent adhesives or membranes. View our product options below and their distinct characteristics or call us for selection support.

Our product range includes:

Novocoat SC1100 Concrete Primer – VOC free, epoxy primer for concrete substrates
Blackhawk SP Asphalt 5103 –  Asphalt cutback primer
Blackhawk 5114 Primer –  Low VOC asphalt cutback primer
Blackhawk 5164 Asphalt Primer –  Low VOC/Fast dry asphalt cutback primer
Blackhawk Hawk-Tack 7000 –  Low VOC/Water based acrylic sticky primer
Blackhawk 7010 Roof Primer –  Low VOC/asphalt emulsion primer