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Pulp and Paper

Extend maintenance intervals, minimize downtime, speed return-to-service

Pulp and Paper mills demand sophisticated corrosion protection. ErgonArmor’s robust lining systems resist acidic conditions and abrasion, providing the protection you need in these aggressive lining applications.

Protection of ClO2 chlorination towers and pretubes, stock washers, stock chests, wire pits or couch pits require unique chemical-resistant products to handle the alkaline and constant wet conditions within the paper mill. ErgonArmor has a wide array of products to solve these demanding problems.

Our product range includes:

  • Acid resistant brick, tile, mortar, and membrane systems for ClO2 towers.
  • PENNCHEM™ 97 Membrane trowelable urethane membrane for use behind acid resistant brickwork.
  • PENNCHEM Mortar for repointing and restoring structural glazed tile and acid resistant brick joints.
  • ACROCAST™ Concrete for restoring concrete walls in structural glazed tile clad equipment.
  • Lining systems for black liquor tanks.
  • Concrete repair materials for waste treatment clarifiers and recovery boiler floors.
  • Polymer concretes and structural grouts for quick replacement of deteriorated concrete in chemical service.
  • PENNGUARD™ Block Lining System for waste incinerator chimney flues.
  • ACROLINE™ Systems anchored thermoplastic concrete protection liners, ideal for wastewater trenches and sumps. These shop fabricated trench and sump liners save precious time, as they can restore and line concrete in the same simple step.
  • PENNNCOAT™, PENNTROWEL™ and NOVOCOAT™ Linings, which incorporate flake fillers, mat reinforcement and state-of-the-art resin technology, for a wide range of concrete and steel corrosion and wear protection.