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Chemical Process and Refinery

Reduce downtime, improve reliability, extend service life

ErgonArmor offers a broad range of corrosion prevention and chemical containment technologies to help chemical processors and refineries meet their safety, reliability, and environmental goals. Whether for new construction or retrofit, short term repair or long term protection, we have proven solutions and a wealth of practical experience to get you where you need to be.

Our product range includes:

  • Sophisticated acid resistant brick linings for sulfuric acid absorption towers and pump tanks, alum digesters, pressure leaching autoclaves, TiO2 chlorinators, coke quench towers, phosphoric acid attack tanks, metallurgical ore digesters, reactors and more.
  • Brush, roll, spray, trowel and laminate tank linings, including options for quick return-to-service (ambient cure), extended inspection intervals, and hot crude storage.
  • Secondary containment linings, including crack-bridging membrane and laminate options.
  • ACROLINE™ Systems prefabricated plastic wastewater trench and sump liners.
  • Heavy duty, thermal shock resistant acid proof brick and tile linings and flooring.
  • Flexible and underwater-cure cooling tower basin and pan coatings.
  • Durable corrosion protection and chemical containment for truck loading and unloading stations.
  • Polymer concretes, structural grouts and machine base plate grout.
  • Novocoat™ machinable and liquid ceramic metal repair pastes, putties and coatings.
  • Surface-tolerant coatings, concrete repair and metal restoration products, including Novolite repair mortar that can be applied on vertical/overhead surfaces in 4-inch lifts.
  • Construction, control and expansion joint and tank chime sealants.