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Extend inspection intervals, enhance containment reliability, return to service quickly

When your process team begins the corrosion-resistant lining selection process, turn to ErgonArmor’s 120 years of combined experience for the necessary technical expertise to guide the selection process.

Our product range includes:

  • Novocoat SP2000, a proven winner as a single system that can handle both the temperature (up to 180 ºF) and chemical extremes found on floating roofs.
  • Novocoat Polysulfide PS2920 flexible sealant, which prevents the migration of liquids by bridging the gap at the tank chime and preventing moisture from migrating under the shell.
  • ErgonArmor’s extensive range of tank lining systems, which are designed to perform in some of the most aggressive chemical immersion and process applications on the planet, with return to service in as little as 24 hours.
  • Heavy duty acid brick lining systems for ore digesters, pressure leaching autoclaves, attack tanks, and other high temperature acid processing equipment.
  • Penntrowel™, Penncoat™ and Novocoat™ liquid applied linings for a variety of chemical cargo.