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Cooling Towers

Defend against corrosion, resist harsh chemicals, block moisture penetration

ErgonArmor’s protective solutions for cooling towers conquer a long list of potential issues. Give us a call to discuss your requirements so that we can customize a recommendation to your specific application.

Our product range includes:

  • Ertech 3037, a polymer modified asphaltic emulsion that provides a tough, elastic and waterproof membrane. Ertech 3037 is an all-purpose formula that can be brushed, rolled or sprayed with no accelerator. It provides good corrosion protection, chemical resistance, and easily withstands the flexible nature of metal HVAC basins.
  • Novotower SP2000R Self-Leveling Epoxy, an industry leader when it comes to cooling tower “pan” protection and maintenance. It is a self-leveling epoxy coating that also gives you the advantage of being both surface and moisture tolerant.
  • Novocoat ER2000 Elastomeric Liquid, which can be used in conjunction with Novotower SP2000R Self-Leveling Epoxy. Novocoat ER2000 Elastomeric Liquid is a highly flexible epoxy and can be used as a coving material or with select reinforcing textiles to repair pin-holes. It is a preferred choice where flexibility is a concern on thin galvanized pans.