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PENNGUARD™ Adhesive/Membrane

Elastomeric Urethane Asphalt

PENNGUARD Adhesive/Membrane is a 2-component trowel applied urethane-asphalt flexible membrane and adhesive.


PENNGUARD Adhesive/Membrane is a component of the PENNGUARD Block Lining System used to bond and bed PENNGUARD Block to the underlying substrate.

It also functions as the seamless membrane beneath the insulating PENNGUARD Block to protect the substrate from chemical attack.

  • Strong adhesion to PENNGUARD Block, steel, concrete, ceramic brick, fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) and glass reinforced (GRP).
  • Excellent resistance to acidic flue gas environments
  • Capable of bridging cracks in concrete and ceramic brick substrates
  • Suitable for vertical and overhead application
  • Factory Mutual (FM) tested and approved for use in chimney flues as a component of the PENNGUARD Block Lining System.

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