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PENNCHEM™ Novolac Grout

Three Component Silica-filled Structural Novolac Epoxy Grout

PENNCHEM Novolac Grout is a flowable three component premium novolac epoxy grouting compound. It is designed for grouting machinery bases and base plates where it is vital to retain exact alignment, or where vibration or shock could cause equipment to break loose from weaker grouts. It is ideal for applications which require a low shrinkage, high strength grout that is also chemically resistant. For complete installation instructions, consult ErgonArmor installation specification CES-360.

Areas of Use

PENNCHEM Novolac Grout can be used in base plate grouting of many types of reciprocating heavy equipment or where heavy loads, high impact and vibrations are factors. These include:

Anchor bolts Paper mill machines
Ball mills Tanks
Mixers Car shakers
Diesel engines Centrifuges
Generators Forging machines
Roller mills Stamping machines
Cooling towers Filters
Conveyors Precipitators
Milling machines Compressors
Packaging machines Presses
Steam engines Pumps
Fans Chemical towers
Leveling blocks

• 100% reactive, contains no VOCs
• Good vibration resistance
• High impact strength
• Excellent physical strength
• Fast set
• Good bond to concrete and metal surfaces

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