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PENNCOAT™ 101 Membrane

1/4 inch Thick Hot Melt Asphalt Membrane

PENNCOAT 101 Membrane is a multiple layer, chemical-resistant, asphaltic membrane barrier that is applied as a built-up system to suitably prepared concrete substrates. It is used as an underlying membrane on concrete substrates to be further protected with chemical resistant brickwork. PENNCOAT 101 consists of the following components: PENNPRIME™ 101, an asphaltic cutback primer; PENNCOAT 101 an unfilled, fluxed, 100% solid oxidized asphalt; and PENNPLY™ 101, an open mesh glass cloth saturated with an asphaltic compound. PENNCOAT 101 is installed at a nominal 1/4 in thickness for flooring applications, and 3/8 in for trench and sump service subject to continuous immersion service. Consult Corrosion Engineering specification CES-303 for complete installation details.


PENNCOAT 101 Membrane is applied to concrete substrates, and is protected by chemical-resistant masonry or polymer concretes to provide physical and thermal protection. It is widely used as a membrane for protecting concrete structures such as floors, trenches, vessels, sumps, and manholes.

  • Broad chemical resistance - suitable for a wide range of acid and alkali exposures
  • Excellent value - economical installed cost compared to other membrane systems
  • Full 1/4-inch thickness provides positive sealing for concrete substrates.
  • Conveniently packaged to facilitate easy handling and use
  • Multiple layer application incorporating mat reinforcement insures pinhole free lining

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