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TUFCHEM™ II Membrane

Urethane Asphalt Membrane

TUFCHEM II is a 2-component elastomeric urethane asphalt membrane. It is applied at a nominal 1/8” (3 mm) thickness to protect concrete and steel substrates. For complete installation details consult ErgonArmor installation specifications CES-326 and CES-334.


• Use as a primary corrosion barrier to protect concrete and steel substrates from chemical attack in municipal waste water containment environments
• Install as a membrane under acid-resistant brick, refractories, polymer concretes and gunites.
• Use as a component layer in vessel linings under acid brick.
• Use to do field repairs to rubber membranes in tanks and absorbers.


• Two-component apply by trowel at thicknesses of 80 -125 mils (2-3 mm)
• Remains elastomeric within a temperature range a slow as -40°F(-40°C).
• Suitable for acids, alkalines, and salt solutions
• Very good abrasion resistance when cured.
• Shelf life stable.

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