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PENNCOAT™ 321 Lining

80 mil Flake Filled Novolac Vinyl Ester Lining

PENNCOAT 321 is a heavy duty 80 mil glass-flake filled lining based on novolac vinyl ester resin chemistry. It is trowel applied in 2 x 40 mil WFT coats. Consult Corrosion Engineering specification CES-342 for complete installation details.


PENNCOAT 321 can be used as a chemical resistant lining for immersion service on concrete or steel. It can be used as a lining for vessels, sumps, pits, trenches, walls and floors. PENNCOAT 321 is a durable lining for immersion service or flue gas handling equipment such as duct work, scrubbers or stacks. In flue gas handling equipment, it can be use as a stand alone lining, or also as a membrane under brick or refractory linings when its service temperature or abrasion resistance limits are exceeded. It offers outstanding chemical resistance for severe environments, including oxidizing acids. PENNCOAT 321 is resistant to a wide range of acids, alkalis, solvents, salts and other chemicals. Contact your Corrosion Engineering representative for specific recommendations.

PENNCOAT 321 lining will protect concrete and steel in immersion up to 170°F, and splash and spill environments up to 250°F. The glass flakes and 80 mil thickness offer better durability in immersion conditions, which may be erosive or abrasive to thinner unfilled linings.

  • 80 mil glass-flake linings offer superior mechanical and physical durability over thin 30-40 mil coatings.
  • Resistant to a wide range of acids, alkalis, solvents and other corrosive chemicals. Will resist up to 70% sulfuric, as well as nitric, phosphoric and acetic acids.
  • Low permeability.
  • Excellent resistance to oxidizing chemicals such as chlorine dioxide and bleaching solutions.

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