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PENNTROWEL™ Epoxy Primer

Epoxy Primer

PENNTROWEL Epoxy Primer is a 2-component, damp surface-tolerant, penetrating epoxy primer for concrete, steel, or ceramic brick substrates.

  • Damp surface tolerant
  • Penetrating for strong adhesion
  • Resistant to many aqueous chemicals, oils, fats, milk products, blood and some solvents.
  • Seal concrete substrates against outgassing to reduce pinholes and blisters in finish coats
  • Enhance adhesion of compatible finish coats to steel and concrete substrates
  • Saturate reinforcing textile, such as MR chopped strand fiberglass mat
  • Binder for mortar paste used to parge-coat abraded concrete or masonry surfaces
  • Primer for 7-day old damp, green concrete
  • Wet bonding agent between new and old concrete
  • Moisture barrier for concrete or masonry

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