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TUFCHEM™ Sprayable Epoxy

1/8 inch thick Silica-filled Sprayable Epoxy Lining

TUFCHEM Sprayable Epoxy is a three component, 100% solids, epoxy topping compound that is spray-applied by peristaltic type spray equipment to properly prepared substrates. The finished surface is chemical-resistant, within its limitations, and skid- resistant. TUFCHEM Sprayable Epoxy may be installed without a primer, although potential for pinholes in the lining from concrete out-gassing is minimized when a primer is used. Consult Corrosion Engineering specification CES-328 for complete usage/installation details.


TUFCHEM Sprayable Epoxy protects concrete walls, floors and overhead surfaces in the following industries - chemical, metallurgical, metal finishing, waste treatment, power generation, pulp and paper, and textile dye stuffs.

TUFCHEM Sprayable Epoxy may be used to protect concrete secondary containment areas. The ‘as sprayed’ finish is slip resistant.

TUFCHEM Sprayable Epoxy is particularly suited to applications where there are many changes in direction and orientation, such as areas containing many pump pads and vertical surfaces to line along with flooring areas.

  • TUFCHEM Sprayable Epoxy provides a quick to install economical slip resistant lining that offers broad chemical resistance to acids and caustics.
  • Sprayable application eliminates troweling, and yields faster application.
  • Quick cure time for fast turn-around situations.
  • Suitable for horizontal, vertical, and overhead surfaces.

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